ILLALLA (Finnish for "In the evening"), an exhibition by Tuire Lampila and Morgenvogel Real Estate at f44(sic), Antwerpen, May/June 2014
Tuires Wand
Tuire Lampila: Gate. Installation
MVRE, antwerpen, alkuhuone
My drawings and Blue Flower print together with Tuire's artwork
MVRE, alkuhuone
MVRE, morgenvogelhaeuser
Morgenvogel-house pyramide
MVRE, morgenvogelhaeuser und rocketmädels
Cosmic Egg. Video screening
MVRE in antwerpen
Wet but happy Manuel Bonik presenting his photographies of imaginary Western movie landscapes, seen in Keihärinkoski, Finland and Levanto, Italy. The middle picture is called Sierra Leone. To the right it's Cary Grant Canyon, to the left a Fistful of Sand. Other pictures were entitled River of Return and River of Return (The Comeback)
MVRE in antwerpen
Drawings by me which you can hardly see in a photo, but at the right side you can see Kiira
MVRE in antwerpen
More drawings, in the background Jump photo by Manuel
MVRE in antwerpen
Information corner
MVRE in antwerpen
Sold birdhouses received a big red dot, reservated ones just a red pushpin
MVRE in antwerpen
Hanging a Morgenvogel-house for Harry Heirmans, the owner of the gallery.
We didn't see any tits or sparrows in Antwerp; people said there were a few. I wish that this house will have some family-life inside soon. Antwerp could use some more trees
MVRE in antwerpen
After ten beautiful, inspired and successful days we said: Goodbye Antwerp, hope to see you again, together with Tuire, Arend and Kiira
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